Why Tactical Training Solutions?

Not All Instructors or Training Companies are the same!

  • Before selecting a course take a look that the Instructor(s) or the company!
  • Do they have the experience, proper training and then both as an instructor?
  • Have they been vetted and by whom?
  • Is their resume available for review?
  • What are the results when you “Google” the person or the company?

The term Instructor or Trainer are words with strong implications; those titles infer the person is trained and qualified to pass knowledge or skills on to others. Depending on the topic/subject there may be no requirements to prove they are qualified to teach! In other cases the topic(s) have requirements and/or licensing needed to instruct on the topic.
Have you ever attended course where the instructor(s) have never written a lesson plan, much less present a lesson plan for approval by a recognized authority? How many people think to ask to see the person’s qualifications? Or to ask if they have authored an approved lesson plan? In some instances this is a moot point. They work for a government agency where lesson plans are written by the Subject Matter Expert and all the instructors are trained to that Point of Instruction.

So if you are taking a course from a non-government agency, what are you getting? Who trained the instructors? What was the instructor certification process? Did the instructor process follow government methods/standards? Or did they make up a process to suit their needs? Is this method legally defendable and a proven method?

As the director of Tactical Training Solutions, Inc. I, Bart Barnack, have been a certified law enforcement instructor by the State of Florida since 1982. (After completing a 40 hour Instructor Techniques Course and passing an exam.) Since then, I continued my education by obtaining advanced instructor certifications and attending required Instructor updates.
The current Florida Department of Law Enforcement instructor process;

FDLE Requirements to become an Instructor


I rose from an instructor to lead instructor, supervisor of training, then, In Service Training Coordinator for the Daytona Beach Police Department to include High Liability Subjects; Firearm from basic to SWAT, Crowd Control, Driving,(on and off Road), vessels, Use of Force, Critical Incident Response and others. This position required me to not only author lesson plans, but to review and approve all lesson plans. When I authored a lesson plan in that role of In Service Training Coordinator, the lesson plan was reviewed by an outside source. Additionally, I was the subject matter expert for the department in training and use of force.

I was an Adjunct Instructor at Daytona Beach Community College; Police Academy courses, In Service Courses and I, developed Advanced Training Courses where I was the lead instructor.

I was contracted as Adjunct Instructor for IPTM/ University of North Florida. Advanced Training Courses for Law Enforcement.

In addition, I was a train the trainer in high liability topics: Critical Incidents, Firearms, Use of Force and other areas on these assignments.

There are many instructor training models, some good models and some models believe an on line course is all that is needed to produce a qualified instructor.

The model I followed: Instructor Techniques to learn adult learning theory, lesson plans and training methods. Then off to learn each topic. Some of the topics required, I start as a Break in Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Primary Instructor, Lead Instructor, Team Leader and then Train the Trainer. In this process, I trained under experts, they shaped and molded me over time and I moved on upon passing set objectives.

In addition to having been a certified by the Florida Police Standards and Training Commission as an instructor, I was also certified by Daytona Beach Community College and the Daytona Beach Police Department. Many of the courses I attended were state approved and were co approved by a secondary learning institution.

For other assignments with the US Government, I had to vetted by the United States DOS/DOD/DOJ as an Instructor/Operator in Counter Terrorism: Crisis Response Team, Emergency Response Unit and SWAT; firearms, use of force, tactics, IED’s and other topics. Intense 4-8 week courses and field application in Iraq. Earning the rating of; Subject Matter Expert and later team leader.

US Embassy Detail – Counter Terrorism/Anti-Terrorism: Subject Matter Expert Kabul, Afghanistan. This assignment included training and operations.

Special Investigator, DOD – Joint Counter IED Mission – Baghdad, Iraq. Also Subject Matter Expert. In addition to Investigations, Intelligence Gathering, Field Work, I was requested to train/advise the Australian and Danish Embassy Protection details in Baghdad, Iraq. From lessons learn in the field, I developed training courses to address changing tactics of the enemy. These courses were taught to US and Coalition troops.

All the overseas assignments required advanced specialized training.

In 2015 and in 2016, my services were need as an expert witness in two cases. To be considered an expert witness my education, training and experience are presented to the court or the hearing officer. The opposing attorney tries disqualify the person. In both cases I was declared an expert in training, tactics and use of force.

Vehicle operations: Police EVOC Instructor, Police Tactical Driving, 4x4 Vehicle Instructor (DBPD), Off Road EVOC Instructor. Driving tactics in a hostile zones.

I have own an off road and driven off road vehicles since my teens. Dune Buggies, Jeeps, Trucks and SUV’s. I also have numerous hours on ATV’s and motorcycles. On and off duty experience operating 4x4’s. I have experience driving in various terrains, snow, sand, mud, rocks, hills, woods, deserts, dunes, hills and mountains.

Vessel operations: USCG 50 ton vessel captain since 1988, Police/Fire Marine Unit supervisor and lead instructor (1993-2002). Contract Maritime Instructor.

NASBLA BOAT Instructor: Boat Crewmen, Tactical Operations, Search/Rescue, EVOC, Pursuit and Fire Boat Small. NASBLA has developed the national standard for maritime training for first responders.

I have operated a vessels most of my life starting with a 10ft. boat with a 4 hp outboard motor. I have owned up to a 30 ft sport fishing vessel.

While the supervisor of DBPD/DBFD Marine unit; we had five vessels from 12 - 33 feet; single engine, twin engines, outboards, I/O’s and inboards. We also had to learn to operate jet drives.

I have operated vessels from ponds, lakes, rivers, intercostal waterway to 40 miles off shore. Smooth water, rough surf, and rough seas to rapids in various rivers. I have trained people to operate vessel on the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, China Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, the Great Lakes and several of our major rivers.

Firearms and Tactics Instructor Certifications available.

Pick your Instructor(s) wisely. At Tactical Training Solutions, Inc, we taking training serious.

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